Satisfied clients are the best reward! Read below what they say:

  • Wonderfully beautiful! Words can’t describe the beauty of this doll!
    (Karen L. Keller – TX, USA, about Natasha Barbie repaint)
  • The Barbie repaint I’ve got is beautiful and I’d sure love to get more and more repaints because your work is great! Congratulations!
    (Sheryl Kres- WA, USA, about Calista Barbie repaint)
  • I love my Brianne repaint (My Scene Chelsea)! Thank you.
    (Débora Paradella – SP, Brazil, about Brianne Barbie repaint)
  • I’ve got two sisters Mayra and Myra and they’re happy to be together! They are wonderful, thank you!
    (Kathy Lake – MI, USA, about the Silkstone repaints Myra e Mayra)
  • Thank you very much – the doll is absolutely gorgeous. I simply love her – she’s such an original and beautiful doll – you are very talented. Thank you for being so kind and lovely in business.
    (Valerie – Australia, about Clarissa Silkstone Barbie Repaint)
  • One of the greatest pleasures of collecting to me is owning a doll and accessories customized by my artist friends.
    So I couldn’t be any happier to have in my collection a wonderful OOAK doll by Patty Lye!
    My beautiful girl was inspired on the actress Kate Winslet when she won the Oscar with the movie “The Reader”. Patty simply did her best on the red carpet!!
    Thank you, my friend!!
    (Patricia Prisce – SP, Brazil, about Kate Winslet OOAK)
  • My dear friend, they are gorgeous, congratulations on your excellent work.
    (Elizete Rocha – Belém, Brazil, sobre Laisha, Silkstone repaint e La Chaleur des Couleus Barbie OOAK)
  • My dear Patty, a wonderful and sweet girl with such a talent, she makes wonderful dolls, fashions, repaints and reroots… So wonderful, I love my dolls: The oriental, the redhead and the blonde, who looks like me and almost has my name, Vivienne… I love it!!!! We love them.. they are beautiful!!!!! I recommend to everyone to get her work! Kisses, my dear, we love you!!!!!!!
    (Vivian Felix – São Paulo, Brazil about Vivienne Repaint, Louise Repaint e Sauvages Glamour OOAK)
  • I’m very happy to have an OOAK doll made by you, Succès De L’Or is simply incredible, I’m in love with her!!! She has a special place in my collection, thank you so much!
    (Everson Oliveira- São Paulo, Brazil, about Succès De L’ Or Barbie OOAK)
  • Besides being a dear friend, Patty is a wonderful and serious artist. I’ve always admired her work and I’m a fan of her repaints. Of course I have some of her OOAK dolls. By the way, everyone who collects dolls needs to have a doll by Patty, right? Kisses and congrats on the new layout of your website.
    (Márcia Giamas – São Paulo, Brazil, about the several OOAK dolls she collects)
  • Patty is a very dear person, she retouched one of my oldest doll’s makeup and she’s perfect, you can barely tell she has a retouch! She is really commited to her work. And I’m very happy and satisfied and I sure recommend her for the wonderful work with dolls!
    (Bia – Brazil, about a Barbie restoration)
  • Patty’s work is amazing, her commitment and love for what she does makes it perfection. I can talk proudly about her creations because I have a wonderful Barbie by Patty Lye, as well as doll jewelry created by this talented artist. Congratulations, my friend!! Thank you for my Barbie doll!!
    (Paulo Souto – São Paulo, Brazil, about Barbie Spider-Niver 2007)
  • I own 2 repaints (Flor de Lótus and Angie), the first one being an oriental Lea face mold, that I love. The second one is a redhead with the Mackie face mold. Patty’s work is as great as international artists’ and he commitment and love to the collectors is always rewarding. Wish you all the success! Oh and I can’t forget about Sunila, an OOAK doll with the Christie face mold that is AMAZING!!! Thank you for everything!!!! Kisses, Nina.
    (Nina Collectibles – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, about Flor de Lótus e Angie repaints)
  • I had the honor to have one more doll made by our dear Patty! Now I have two of them (Rosa and Gladys Anne) and they are very special to me because with the pictures I shot of Rosa, I won Patty’s 10th customization anniversary contest and my prize was a wonderful doll (Gladys Anne). My collection of dolls by Patty is growing. Patty, I’m very happy and I have to thank you for the happiness you’ve given me and always will give when I need it! Kisses.
    (Luciana – São Paulo, Brazil, about Rosa, Barbie Repaint and Rerooting by Dani Red)
  • Hi Patty! Maddy arrived today and I want to say she’s gorgeous, the repaint is perfect and much more sexy in person, her lingerie, the painted nails, he shoes with the ribbons, everything is so beautiful. I even love the certificate, the store’s folder, her picture and your business card, everything is very well done. She arrived perfectly because you packed her very well. I love everything. Thank you very much and I wish you great sales.
    (Aline Chuvas – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, about Maddy Barbie repaint)