patricialyePatty Lye loves Barbie dolls since she was 7, when she got her first doll: Barbie Ciclista. Since then she has never stopped adding more and more dolls to her collection!

The passion for the doll took her to Fashion school. She’s taken many Fashion courses: Fashion Designer, Sewing, Fashion Photography and her graduation in Fashion and Creation.

In January, 2000 her first customized Barbie was born! At the age of 20, she discovered a new world, the creation of One Of A Kind dolls (OOAK), an unique doll, created to be exclusive. She has learned everything on her own, from facial repaint and reroot to sewing doll clothes.

Nowadays, more than 500 dolls were marketed under her name.

She created the exclusive dolls of architect Brunete Fraccaroli and volleyball player Fernanda Venturini by Mattel’s request.

She won third place as Best Barbie at the Second Brazilian Barbie Convention.

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